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Mission . . . In Person!

From 10 April to 6 May, all of us in the Presbytery of the Susquehanna Valley have a unique opportunity. During that time we will be hosting one or two pastors from our sister church in Ethiopia, the Western Wollega Bethel Synod. (One pastor, Woreti Gelalcha, has already secured his visa. We’re still praying that Pastor Chali Yosef will receive one, too.)

For the past 18 years, our presbytery has fostered a living connection with the Synod (it has 430 congregations), its mission work, and its three Christian schools. We have also worked to help equip the Ethiopian Rural Education Project. Since 1997, we have sent delegates to Ethiopia every few years, and invited delegates to visit us in alternate years. You have been faithful in supporting this relationship by praying, sending folks, supporting financially, and hosting our guests. Our presbytery continues to budget over $24,000 every year to equipping our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia; many of you help us to give over and above that commitment, multiplying God’s work there even more. As someone who has seen for his own eyes the work Christ is doing in Western Wollega, our time and money are very well-spent!
The Ethiopian Partnership Team invites you to seize another opportunity to give your congregation a stronger, more personal sense of connection with the Church around the world. For most of their visit between 10 April and 6 May, our Ethiopian brothers will be available to visit with your congregation: perhaps in worship, at a common meal, with a bible study group, small group, PW gathering, or youth group. Please take this chance to experience in person how Christ’s work spans the globe.

An even greater blessing, in tandem with the “official” parts of their visit with us, is the chance to host Woreti or Chali in your home for a meal and one or more nights. Once again, from personal experience I know how enriching such an encounter can be, and what a joy it is to offer the hospitality of Christ to our co-workers in mission.

Peg Corwin is our Master Hostess for their visit. Please contact her at Robert2665(at)aol.com or 607.621.3778 with questions or times/dates when you’d like to host one of our guests. Once again, the window of dates is 10 April to 6 May. (Note please that from April 16-19 Pastor Woreti, Pastor Chali, and members of our Partnership Team will be away attending the Ethiopian Mission Network Conference.)

And please pray: for safe travels for our guests, warm hearts and homes to greet them, blessed opportunities, and above all a strengthening in our relationship with and work for Christ. We are children in the same household, seeking the same glory. Pray that this common goal will be manifest in our time together, and into eternity.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Junietta Brooks, Chair (juniwb(at)stny.rr.com, 607.759.4108)
Peg Corwin, Master Hostess (Robert2665(at)aol.com, 607.621.3778)
Diane Vredenburgh
Lynn Reeves
Cindy Keller
Jodi Wormuth
Emrys Tyler, Treasurer (emrystyler(at)gmail.com, 607.621.2204)


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