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"Staying Centered"

On Saturday (18 July) a group of youth from across the Presbytery will travel to Baltimore to learn about mission. They will live for a week in the vortex of this year's national conversations about justice, race, privilege, and poverty. They will be faced, brightly and starkly, with the question, "How does Christ call us to respond to our neighbor?" The facilitators of this experience will come from a mission called The Center.

Please pray this week that the Holy Spirit would speak to them, that they would learn more about God's heart, and that they would return inspired to live in new ways for Jesus Christ.

Please pray for their leaders to cultivate conversations and carry peace as they work with our next generation.

And pray that the Spirit would inspire us, too. This search to discover Christ's call, and God's heart, ought to center all of our lives. Though we may live far from neighborhoods that make the national news, we live in communities that suffer from sin, poverty, and injustice. From Christ flows God's reply to these tragedies. We are called both to carry the power of Christ into the world, and to help the next generation of Christians do the same.

When we cease to see the world with God's new eyes, we wobble and drift. Look at how Christ appears in every person I encounter today! When we begin to think that the next generation will learn its own Christianity by itself, then our own faith misses the mark. Look at how this young Sibling's gifts are rising up for the kingdom!

May the Spirit keep you Centered on the mission of Christ.

In Christ with You,
emrys Tyler
Moderator 2015


 "The Presbytery of Susquehana Valley

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as we together seek to be faithful

in our calling to Jesus Christ."


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