Church Development 101

May 19, 2018 at The United Ministry of Delhi at 9:00 AM

(last meeting for workshop "Church Development 101")


Dear Church Family,

Let me begin by saying, the Spirit of Change is all around us in many uplifting ways.  So with that The Small Church Team has a new name.  We will now be known as The Church Support Team.  We strive to serve all churches; small or large, and those with or without a pastor.

Since our last presbytery wide meeting that was held in the Conklin Church, we have been busy.  Please welcome Rev. Robert Heinle to our team staff.  What a joy it is to have him with us.  We have also sat down and scheduled our next two meetings which everyone is invited to.

Please jot down the following dates.

May 19, 2018 at The United Ministry of Delhi at 9:00 AM - last meeting for workshop "Church Development 101".

June 2, 2018 at Binghamton United at 9:00 AM - first meeting for workshop "Church Development 102".

If you have not attended any of these meetings, now is the time to come.  George Budine has developed a program that addresses many concerns that plague our churches across our Presbytery in one form or another.  George has been a Lay Pastor for the small congregation in Nichols which has and continues to be revitalized under his guidance.

We have received positive feedback from all of the churches that have attended the first two gatherings.  One church has already begun to employ George's powerful message within their congregation with positive results.

Mark your calendar for May 19th.  This will be the last opportunity to hear the program called "Church 101".  You need this so you can reap the benefits when we begin "Church 102".   You will leave filled with hope and take with you lots of inspirational ideas.

The cost to attend this program is ZERO;  it is FREE. Just come and hear the good news of hope and vision for your churches.

Refreshments will be provided before and during the program.  You will not leave hungry for food, both physically and spiritually. We are confident that everyone will come away with some valuable information that they can take back to their churches that will make a positive difference.  We feel this can only lead to new energy and stronger faith.

Please contact any one of the team staff no later than May 15, so that the people at Delhi United Ministries will have sufficient time to shop and prepare for the event.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you.

Please RSVP to any one of us.

Jo Ann Aymar          joaymar7(at)                              607-265-3354

Cindy Burger           csburger(at)                       607-692-3442

Bob Heinle                wpfcoach(at)                                  607-692-2564

Marsha Muller        marsha3(at)                           607-865-6020