Leadership Development Day

If you wanted to make it to all of the workshops but weren't able, don't worry; the handouts that were given by the workshop leaders are below.  (Not every workshop had a handout.)

If you missed out on purchasing or ordering any of the many wonderful resources we had, check out the two links below.

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Book of Confessions - Rev. Garrett Schindler

We are a confessional Church, but what does that mean?  In this workshop we will be acquainted with our Book of Confessions and explore the themes and a brief history of the context of our confessions.  A prize will be rewarded for the one who can recite the answer to this question:  “What is your only comfort, in life and in death?”

Book of Order - Rev. Dr. Paul Hooker

Paul, Associate Dean for Ministerial Formation and Advanced Studies at Austin Seminary, will be joining us via Skype for a time of question and answer about the Form of Government, including what changes have happened in the past few years. He will be providing an online video presentation that people will need to view before the session. The link to that video will be provided a week prior to the training day.

Church Operations: Manuals - Rev. Dr. Cynthia Walton-Leavitt

Each Session is to “develop a manual of administrative operations that will specify the form and guide and work of mission” (Book of Order G-3.0106).  So, please bring your Manual of Operations.  We’ll compare notes and share resources.  If your church doesn’t have a manual -- come find out what one looks like.

Treasurers & Finance - Rev. Lisa Heckman

We will discuss best practices for reports to session, budgets, special funds, handling donations, bank reconciliations, multiple checking accounts, audits vs. interval reviews, and other accounting functions.  We’ll review accounting for the pastor’s compensation package, and as time allows, compare bookkeeping software packages used by attendees.

Evangelism - Rev. Emrys Tyler

Too often mainline Christians expect the way we lead our lives to be our witness to Jesus Christ.  However, not everyone we meet is good at “reading between the lines.”  We also need to know when to use words.  This workshop will help people develop a vocabulary to express our faith.

Ministries of Presence - Rev. Carol Wilson

Spiritual in-home, hospital and nursing home visitation; walking with others through loss, end-of-life and grief passages; worship with those suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementia; taking care of oneself; confidentiality, listening skills and the importance of prayer.

We Have a New Hymnal...So Now What? - Rev. Marena Vittorio

Do you have a passion for meeting God through music?  Are you curious about how to introduce new hymns, particularly ones from different cultures? Do you want practical tips for bringing music to life with confidence and inventiveness?  Would you like to explore some of the new hymns in Glory to God for Lent, Passion, and Easter?  If so, this is the workshop for you!  

We will be using the new Glory to God hymnal, but this workshop will help you delve into any hymnal with fresh eyes.  All you have to do is come prepared to be re-energized by God's gift of music!

Spiritual Gifts & Leadership - Rev. Sarah Hooker

What does it mean to be a Spiritual Leader? How can you not be in a church? In this session we will explore ways of encouraging and equipping our leaders to deepen their relationship with God as they serve the church. We will also talk about how to utilize the many and varied gifts that are given to the people of God in our congregations and communities.