Retirement Celebration Supper for David Robinson.

RobinsonRetirementSmall (1).jpg
The VFW hall, decked out to celebrate David's 30 years at Dryden.
RobinsonRetirementSmall (2).jpg
Betty and Fred Downs (Fred is one of our Authorized Lay Preachers)
RobinsonRetirementSmall (3).jpg
Dave Johnson (Cortland United) and Paul Pickney (Dryden)
RobinsonRetirementSmall (4).jpg
David and Carol looking on as the MCs regaled us
RobinsonRetirementSmall (5).jpg
David and Carol Robinson
RobinsonRetirementSmall (6).jpg
The choir of Dryden Pres sung a few numbers
RobinsonRetirementSmall (7).jpg
The youth group dressed up for a crazy version of . . .
RobinsonRetirementSmall (8).jpg
Pastor Dave Jeopardy