Assembly, November 23, 2019 - Walton

To the Church Commissioners, Cabinet Elders, Committee Chairs, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Minister Members of Presbytery:

The November 23, 2019 Assembly meeting of the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley will be hosted by the Walton United Presbyterian Church, located at 58 East Street, Walton, NY (MAP)

Registration is from 8:30 - 9:30 AM, with worship at beginning at 9:00 AM. and the business meeting called to order following worship. Complimentary beverages and refreshments will be available during registration.

Lunch is available for $7.

Childcare will also be available upon request

(If childcare is needed, please notify pmc(at) no later than 3 days before the Assembly).

In addition to each pastor and lay pastor attending, each church is expected to send a ruling elder commissioner to presbytery assembly.  If the regular ruling elder delegate cannot attend, an alternate should go instead.

If unable to attend, please email requests for excused absence to: statedclerk(at)

Approximately 10 days prior, the proposed Docket, reports and papers for the presbytery assembly meeting will begin to be posted and can be accessed below.

Please print or save your papers to your computer in advance as only limited Internet will be available at the church.

NOTE: Document numbers not linked indicate that the document has not been received by the Stated Clerk at this time


Chris Burger and Rebecca Kindig , Co-Stated Clerks

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Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley Assembly

Proposed Docket Saturday, November 23, 2019 

Walton United Presbyterian Church, located at 58 East Street, Walton, NY (MAP)

 [Times marked with *O.D. are Orders of the Day and will be honored unless the Assembly extends the Docket by a Motion or postponement to a Special Assembly]


8:30 - 9:30 AM:  Registration


9:00 AM: Worship (40 min)


Today's Offering is designated to ?????.

Please make checks payable to " Walton United Presbyterian Church"


9:40 AM: Call to Order / Prayer / Attesting and Declaration of Quorum / Welcome by Host Pastor & Facility


Introductions of First Time Commissioners and Guests, and Seating of Corresponding Members


Introduction of New Business & Approval of the Docket [#01]


Consent Agenda:  Approving Minutes of September 21, 2019 Assembly meeting [#03], Receiving Treasurers Reports [#04a], [#04b],  [#04c],  [#04d]; Stated Clerk Report [#06], Cabinet Report [#07], and all attached Committee Reports minus actionable items.


9:50 AM: Finance Committee Report [#05]

ACTION ITEM: 2020 Budget


10:10: Stated Clerk’s Report [#06], [#06c], [#06d], [#06e]

ACTION ITEM: Second reading of By-Laws Revisions [#06a]

ACTION ITEM: Second reading of Manual of Administrative Operations [#06b]

FIRST READING of additional changes to MAO

ACTION ITEM: MOTION to grant a WAIVER to Federated Church of Masonville to eliminate term requirements for their Council.


10:30: Cabinet Report [#07]


Cabinet Team Reports

  1. Christian Nurture (CN) [#07a] 20 min
  2. Ethiopian Mission Partnership Team (EMPT) [#07b] 15 min


11:05: Stretch Break


11:15: Presbytery Committee Reports

  1. Committee on Ministry (COM) [#08]

ACTION ITEM: To approve the Administrative Commission for Ordination for the Rev. Dr. Charles Colton for December 15, 2019 at the First Presbyterian Church of Conklin

COM Policies Review Team Report [#08d]

For information only, second Reading:

Form: COM Examination for those seeking membership within PSV [#08d19]    

Resource: OGA-AdvOp – RecMinisters – Other Denominations [#08d20 ]

For information only, first reading:

II On CallingPastor-All-Resource-2020 MinComp 2019-10-24 [#08d21]

ACTION ITEM: (second reading)

Policy / Procedures / Resource: Minister Members within Presbytery [#08d18]

(on Policy-highlighted section)

  1. Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) [#09]
  2. Committee on Nominations (NomCom) [#11] 10 min
  3. Bills and Overtures [#12]

ACTION ITEM: Proposed Divestment Overture for the 224th GA: [#12a]

            ACTION ITEM: Proposed Korea Peace Overture for the 224th GA [#12b]

            ACTION ITEM: Proposed Depleted Uranium in Iraq Overture for the 224th GA [#12c]


TIME: Commission Reports:

  1. Synod Mission and Ministries Commission Report [#13]


11:45: New or Unfinished Business


11:45: Sharing Good News and Announcements (15 min)

A Day Together at the Movies, December 7, Noon, Owego [#15]


[These will be ministry and mission oriented sharing.   Announcements pertaining to fund raisers/dinners, etc. should be shared by a written handout on the registration tables rather than verbal advertisements.]


12:00 *O.D. Adjourn with Prayer, Lunch


"The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley lives to serve and encourage congregations

as we together seek to be faithful to our calling in Jesus Christ”


Moderator, Ruling Elder Glenna Coutts

Vice-Moderator, Teaching Elder Kimberly Chastain

Cabinet Chair, Teaching Elder Rev. Robert Peak

Stated Clerk(s), Ruling Elder Chris Burger, Teaching Elder Rev. Rebecca Kindig


2019 Assembly Dates and locations

February 9 - Johnson City

Special March 30, Bainbridge

May 11 - United Pres. Cortland

September 21 - Union Endicott

November 23 - Walton