Lead Article - Deposit 1st Marsha Muller, Commissioned Lay Pastor

First Presbyterian Church of Deposit

Marsha Muller, CLP

The Fellowship Hall at the First Presbyterian Church of Deposit has a whole NEW fresh look!  After four+ months of the floor being torn up, the Church has a beautiful new hardwood floor that was hidden underneath an old vinyl floor!  The old flooring was removed, the floor was refinished and the contractor told us that it was a very unique wood that is hard to find any more!  To top off our “new” look, the walls and ceiling received a fresh coat of paint!

First Pres has been participating in the Church Support Workshops both 101 and 102 put on by George Budine and the Church Support Team!

In conjunction with the Deposit Council of Churches, last year First Pres put up a “clothesline” outside of the “Deposit Closet” and hung mittens, hats, and scarves on it free for the taking.  This year we are going to add heavy socks.  “The Deposit Closet” which is located at 175 Front Street in Deposit is closed from mid-December to the beginning of February, so the “clothesline” did not hinder anyone from entering the store.

The Church is now on Facebook, so make sure you check us out!  Every week, the site is updated with the title of the Sermon, sometimes the Hymns, scripture passages and a quote.  If you are in the area, join us for  Worship on Sunday mornings at 9 am.