Weekly Prayer Focus - East Guilford

A Blessing Box in East Guilford 

There’s a new type of food pantry popping up all over the United States: the Blessing Box.  Starting in the mid-west, churches, home owners, and community minded businesses are setting up small cabinets filled with non-perishable food items, snacks, and beverages for anyone in need. The boxes are accessible 24 x 7, and offer an anonymous way for people in need to get some much needed food items any time – day or night.

Back in May of this year, UPC of East Guilford dedicated its own version of the Blessing Box.  It’s located in the parking lot of the church, a white cabinet attached to the church’s light post, and in addition to food items and bottled water, there is a small note pad that allows people to express thanks and or encouragement to the congregation who keeps the box filled. Since the “box” was opened, it has been emptied, refilled, and emptied again, and the congregation has received many thanks. Those who benefit from the box also have added to its bounty by giving something they cannot use or do not need, for the benefit of others.  It is hoped the Box will supplement food stamps and/or the food bank during times when individuals or families need a few groceries “just to get by”.

The East Guilford Blessing Box was inspired by an NPR article from January 11, 2017, “A New Type Of Food Pantry Is Sprouting In Yards Across America”.  They have “popped up” in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, California, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and many other places.  The name Blessing Box originated with the CrystalRock Cathedral in Ardmore, OK.  Their box started in June, 2016.  CrystalRock Women’s Ministries help other churches and organizations start their own Blessing Box mission.  Their slogan, "Take what you need, Bring what you can, Above all be Blessed” is posted on the East Guilford Blessing Box.