Weekly Prayer Focus - Christ Community Church of Cortlandville

Christ Community Church looks forward to again hosting the SUNY Cortland Gospel Choir for a Spring Rehearsal Concert, just prior to their Annual Spring Tour. This year the Concert is Wed. April 5th at 7:00 PM. Wednesdays are the usual time for class rehearsal, but for several years the venue has been moved to Christ Community Church so that the students perform in front of a live audience. The Church sponsors a cake or cookie reception afterward to treat the students. Church Pianist Dorothy Thomas was a founding member of the Gospel Choir back in the 1980s, and sometimes has accompanied the Choir on their Concert Tour. This year they will be going to perform in the Washington DC area, and are looking forward to visiting the National Museum of African American History at the Smithsonian.

Just over a week later, Christ Community Church will offer a Middle Eastern meal in conjunction with Maundy Thursday worship on April 13th. In what has become a tradition, the community gathers at 6:00 PM for opening liturgy and prayers, and enjoys a dinner of stuffed grape leaves, tabouli, fish and/or lamb, cucumbers and tomatoes, cheese, figs and other fruit. The Last Supper is commemorated using pita bread. After the meal, worship continues with readings from the Passion Story, interspersed with hymns.  Worship ends with Good Friday themes, and darkening of the room.

For the 3rd year Christ Community Church will offer an Easter Sunrise Service at Yaman Park at 6:30 AM on April 16th. Retired American Baptist minister Douglas Deer plans and leads the service, with songs accompanied by guitar. The “regular” Easter service, at 10:30 AM at our building on Tompkins Street, always includes a “Flowering of the Cross” – a custom Pastor Janet Adair Hansen brought with her from New Mexico. During the first hymn, cut flowers are brought up and stuck into the chicken wire encircling a wooden cross, so that by the end of the singing the cross is filled with bright flowers (and the fragrance is delightful!).

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Christ Community Church is a union of the former Christ Presbyterian and United Community Churches (UCC and American Baptist) – so we are very ecumenical. Rev. Dr. Hansen came in December, 2000 as the first installed Pastor and has been here ever since.