Prayer Joys and Concerns 


Prayers for Ruling Elder Linda Breffle who is having some health concerns. 


Marena and I (Garrett Schindler) are glad to announce the birth of our son, Kaleb Derice Vittorio Schindler.  He was born on May 25, 2017 weighing 7lbs 14oz and measuring 20" long. 

If you're curious, in Hebrew one meaning for Kaleb is, "Faith," which is Marena's Grandma's name.  The name Derice comes from Garrett's Grandpa.  They both have the bonus of being biblical, too, as Caleb is one of two from the Exodus generation that made it into the promised land because of the faith he had in God.  King Darius (from whence Derice is derived) was a Persian king mentioned in Haggai, Zechariah, and Ezra–Nehemiah. It was during his reign the Israelites were allowed to rebuild the temple.